The most advanced care management system available.

aversys is the ‘brain’ of averhealth’s sophisticated substance use disorder treatment and monitoring services. As a user-friendly, secure, web-based application, aversys provides your team the visibility, control, and automation necessary to deliver individualized care and achieve superior outcomes. aversys is the single system that brings all of the power and functionality necessary for patient service centers, laboratory, and the entire care team to collaborate.

Efficacy enhanced by data.

aversys captures an incredible amount of data about every interaction (or lack thereof) with each individual during their entire participation in your program.  This capability enables our Measurement-based Systematic Monitoring programs and fuels powerful analytics that allow you to make accurate, informed decisions regarding the direction of each individual’s treatment and supervision. These tools are the key to understanding and influencing tomorrow.

  • Complete care & supervision team collaboration.
  • Individualized random selection.
  • Integrated multi-lingual phone, text, & web notification.
  • Automated personalized care & supervision.
  • Quick access dashboard and email notifications.
  • Advanced relapse risk & non-compliance analytics.
  • Web-based, user-friendly design.
  • Engagement & compliance measures.
  • Predictive analytical tools.

More automation, less administration.

aversys automates individualized treatment and supervision programs in a paper-free, easy-to-use environment. The automation of the most administrative burdensome elements of programs allows your team to focus more time on the efforts that drive successful outcomes.  Less time spent pushing paper means more time for improving lives and communities.

Advance and extend your existing systems.

Advanced web-service capabilities enable aversys to seamlessly interact and share information with your existing patient and case management systems. This real-time data and work flow coordination makes your existing systems even more powerful and your teams even more efficient. No more duplicative data entry, manual results uploads, or data loss. Our standardized APIs make the integration a virtually painless, no- to low-cost process to setup and manage.


A simplifying and empowering single system.

aversys brings together all of your program management needs and powerful functionality that you did not even know you needed into a single application.  Gone are the days of having to resort to multiple vendors and systems for scheduling, notification, program management, collaboration, analytics, order creation, laboratory information, and much more. Not only does aversys do it all, it does it better and is a part of a much broader solution!

Human: First-Mile

Expertise where it matters – in your community. Local prosocial, evidenced-based observed collection and program management services via a network of service centers.

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Science: Super Laboratory

A substance use focused CLIA, CAP-FDT, and DEA accredited laboratory providing true next business day results on more than 1,500 illicit, prescription, and synthetic substances.

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