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Case loads and expectations for better outcomes in your community are growing faster than budgets.  The ‘way things have always been done’ needs an update. It is no secret that drug and alcohol use is a key underlying cause for the breakdown in many of your supervision cases, but you need more than just a test.  You need a program that helps your teams be more efficient and effective.  A program that not only covers your testing and laboratory needs, but advances your entire supervision process.

Improve outcomes via evidenced-based practices.

averhealth’s Measurement-based Systematic Monitoring (MSM) programs automate your team’s most administrative burdensome activities and provide powerful analytics that allow them to easily assess each individual’s compliance and engagement. How does this drive better outcomes and make your team more efficient? We give your team the ability to spend more value-added time with the people on their case load, and the information they need to engage in more meaningful conversations.

  • We collect the samples.
  • Local, pro-social oriented service.
  • Work friendly hours with weekends & holidays.
  • Integrated APPA best practices.

Expertise in pretrial, probation, community corrections, and other supervision.

Our evidenced-based programmatic approach is fully customizable for all population types, risk levels, sizes, and community environments.

Human: First-Mile

Expertise where it matters – in your community. Local prosocial, evidenced-based observed collection and program management services via a network of service centers.

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Science: Super Laboratory

A substance use focused CLIA, CAP-FDT, and DEA accredited laboratory providing true next business day results on more than 1,500 illicit, prescription, and synthetic substances.

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Technology: aversys

Automated program management, care team collaboration, individualized care, and risk assessment data analytics in a single, user-friendly, web-based application.

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There is a better way and it starts right here with averhealth. We are ready to start working with your team and community today.