Cost effectively improving priceless outcomes.

We have specialized in providing evidenced-based drug and alcohol testing services designed to engender sustained sobriety and personal stability for more than 20 years. Through this experience, we have developed and seamlessly integrated local patient service centers, specialized toxicology laboratory, and the most advanced care management system in our industry. This integration enables our Measurement-based Systematic Monitoring programs, which cost effectively drive better outcomes.

A new solution for a very serious and costly problem

Drug and alcohol use is one of the most serious health epidemics of our generation with an annual cost of more than 46,000 lives and $200 billion.  Studies have shown that the 10% of a covered population with substance use disorders can represent nearly 75% of total healthcare spend for the entire population. averhealth delivers a unique and specialized solution for one of your greatest areas of need. We are not just another laboratory. We are the key to better outcomes for your covered population with substance use disorders.

  • Local Patient Services Centers.
  • Care team participation and involvement.
  • Lower-cost, frequent patient touchpoint.
  • Improved outpatient treatment regimen.
  • Advanced individualized treatment plans & care.
  • Individualized random selection.
  • Observed same-gender collections.
  • Nationally accredited substance use laboratory.
  • Objective patient compliance & engagement measures.
  • Performance & predictive analytics.
  • Provider assessment & outcome data.
  • Nationwide platform & service capabilities.

The future of outpatient treatment programs is here.

There are inherent advantages of our unique ‘First-Mile’ involvement to specialized laboratory integration, but we did not stop there.  We built a single technological platform that automates ‘First-Mile’, laboratory, and provider workflows and enables a new level of care team collaboration. Virtually every detail of patient’s outpatient treatment care is captured at every level.  This is much more than just claims and result history analyses, which are helpful, but only tell part of the story.  The patient data profile we capture in Aversys allows us to provide powerful information and analytics to providers that would not otherwise be available or known.  This attention to detail is a big part of how we are setting a new standard for outpatient treatment programs.

Human: First-Mile

Expertise where it matters – in your community. Local prosocial, evidenced-based observed collection and program management services via a network of service centers.

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Science: Super Laboratory

A substance use focused CLIA, CAP-FDT, and DEA accredited laboratory providing true next business day results on more than 1,500 illicit, prescription, and synthetic substances.

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Technology: aversys

Automated program management, care team collaboration, individualized care, and risk assessment data analytics in a single, user-friendly, web-based application.

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If we are not already part of your network, we welcome the opportunity to work with you to drive better outcomes in your covered population.