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averhealth provides innovative and cost-effective solutions for substance use monitoring and treatment.

Our predictive, patient-centered individualized testing, monitoring and care management tools combine the power of technology and the collaboration of a dedicated support team to reclaim lives, unite families and strengthen communities.

who we serve

Treatment Courts

Family and Domestic Courts

Probation and Parole Departments

Pretrial Services

Child Protective Services

Behavioral Health Treatment Providers

Correctional Facilities


Veterans Courts


active patients

Every patient interaction, test, and life counts. Our team's goal is to make a lasting positive impact on each and every individual we have the opportunity to serve.


years experience

A substance use treatment and monitoring focus since day one, our first customer is still a customer today.

a trusted partner

For more than two decades, averhealth has been a trusted partner in substance use treatment and monitoring programs across the U.S. Our first customer is still a customer today.

We believe that substance use treatment and recovery is deeply personal, yet it impacts families, communities and society.

We understand how important the human element is to recovery, so we treat every individual with dignity and respect.

Stable and growing, averhealth consistently invests in improving patient outcomes through education, support, and treatment for substance use and mental health.